О компании




Maxim Rudnitsky






Chief Executive Officer






"Dear friends! Comodo Alliance Ltd is a prospective, multi-sector business entity. Having strengthened our position in Ukrainian market, we keep improving the extent of our presence on external markets day-to-day.






We have an ambitious goal to establish the Company, which will be the source of pride of our employees, investors, partners and whole Ukraine. We carefully analyze every direction in which we work. We perfect ourselves and do not rest on our oars.






We rely on our knowledge; we share our experience when consulting others and build our relations with small and medium-sized business in perspective of a long-term cooperation. While working with big business we practice our skills, increase and form the volumes of information, introducing it into everyday life.”






Maxim Rudnitsky has held the position of Chief Executive Officer since the foundation of Comodo Alliance Ltd.






He worked as Assistant Attorney of Zhytomyr from 2004 to 2009. 






He was a member of Supervisory Board of Easy Credit financial structure from 2009 to 2010.









Currently Maxim Rudnitsky represents interests of Comodo Alliance Ltd in work with governmental bodies. He is a leading specialist in the sphere of foreign economic trade, controlling the work of Customs Brokers and Legal Departments.






Education: Yaroslav the Wise National Law Academy of Ukraine, the Prosecutors’ Training Institute (Kharkiv).  Jurisprudence specialist (higher legal education). He graduated with cum laude in 2004.






National Academy of Prosecution of Ukraine (Kyiv). He graduated from post-graduate course with honours in 2009.