DuPont is an American chemical company, one of the biggest in the world. DuPont produces a wide range of chemical materials, leading comprehensive ground-braking researches in this sphere. The company invented a variety of unique polymeric and other materials, including tyvek, neoprene, nylon, teflon, kevlar, mylar, etc. Comodo Alliance Ltd is an official dealer of DuPont. Our company ensures the delivery of tyvel material to the territory of Ukraine, being a reliable and transparent supplier for our customers. The company also supplies materials to the printing plant, which is a part of Comodo Alliance Ltd.

ITRACO was established in Germany in order to promote printing consumables and equipment of well-known European manufacturers to the markets of the CIS and the Baltic states. For its production purposes, Comodo Alliance Ltd uses only high quality and certified raw materials of famous global brands. Striving to better, we offer better.